Monday, May 30, 2016

Seresto for Dogs over 8kg (Red)A new flea and tick collar has just been released called Advantage Seresto by Bayer. This tick and flea collar  for dogs and cats will control ticks for 4 months and fleas for up to 8 months.

The Seresto flea and tick collar has an RRP of  $79.99 (or you can buy Seresto online for just $69.99) which is less than $20 a month if you're using Soresto for ticks and fleas and less than $10 a month if using it just to control fleas.

Another thing that impressed us with the Bayer Seresto tick and flea collar is that unlike some tick collars it does not smell. It is an odorless collar for fleas and ticks.

Advantage Bayer Seresto flea and tick collars, come in three sizes:

  • Advantage Seresto for Dogs over 8Kg
  • Advantage Seresto for Small Dogs under 8Kg
  • Advantage Serest for Cats
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Dad Rating

My 2 labs are swimmers so I'm excited by this product.

Less than $10 a month to protect against fleas.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

RSPCA Animal Health Products Shows Leadership in Social Enterprise

Aussie pet owners can now be Twice the Pet Hero with the first products in the RSPCA Animal Health Products range released  by the RSPCA and IndyVet Animal Health Products.
The first two products in the range are RSPCA Allwormer (for Cats and Dogs) and RSPCA Heartwormer (for Dogs). 
"The RSPCA is delighted to be working with IndyVet to bring this range of products to Australian pet owners," said Heather Neil, RSPCA Australia CEO.
A portion of revenue from the sale of the RSPCA Animal Health Products supports the valuable work of the RSPCA. By choosing them, Australian pet owners can be Twice the Pet Hero, protecting their own pets from nasty parasites and supporting the ongoing work of the RSPCA.
"Australian pet owners know the importance of regular parasite control" said Dr Mark Perissinotto, IndyVet CEO and Chief Veterinary Officer, "but for some the variety of choices can been confusing and the high cost of some brands puts undue pressure on the household budget."
"We're incredibly aware of the trust Australian pet owners put in the RSPCA" Dr Perissinotto said. "All involved have worked hard to ensure that the safety, quality and effectiveness of the RSPCA Animal Health Products are comparable to the leading brands in the market while also giving Australian pet owners an affordable and accessible option for regular parasite prevention."  
And of course there is no denying the satisfaction of seeing funds from your purchase going to support one of Australia's best-loved animal charities.
RSPCA Heartwormer (for Dogs) is a monthly tablet and is available in three sizes for dogs. RSPCA Allwormer (for Cats and Dogs) is a tablet and available in two dog sizes and one cat size. The products are APVMA approved and manufactured in Australia.
RSPCA Animal Health Products are available for purchase from  RSPCA retail outlets, public vet clinics and adoption centres, as well as made available for sale by vet clinics, pet shops, pharmacies and online retailers.
To find a retailer online or nearby

Dad Rating

Well done great work.

Social enterprise helps fund amazing work and this is a great one to support.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cool Quadcopter T Shirt Designs

Red Quadcopter T-Shirt most popular
A few of the boys have got right in to flying remote control quadcopters and we're loving it so much we decided to get ourselves kitted out with some quadcopter t-shirts. There are a few different quadcopter design t-shirts around but the quad tees best quadcopter t-shirts we found were at Quadzone by Cafepress.

Quadcopter mugs a hit

For us it wasn't just that they had a couple of good quadcopter designs on their tshirts, but also that we could get different colours (the red quadcopter t-shirt was the favourite  but a few of us also chose the blue quadcopter shirt and a couple threw in quadcopter hats as well. We even got one guy drinking from a quadcopter design mug). Sure we do look like quadcopter geeks but when you're having this much fun, who cares!

Checkout the full range of cheap quadcopter t-shirts and other quadcopter design accessories here.

Dad Rating

Fly the quadcopter flag

Good quality and good fit. A bit of extra fun when on the tools.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grants 12 Year Old Whiskey

One of our favourite tipples just got better! Grant’s whiskey has just introduced a 12 year old variant into the Australian market. For over five generations the Grant family has produced many fine whiskeys.  Some of them, such as the 18 year old and the 25 year old are some of the finest examples of blended whiskey you will ever  you ever have the chance to experience. They do though, come with quite a hefty price tag. Unfortunately being dads, with our money required for other more mundane matters, such as school fees and car rego, those great whiskeys are reserved for only very infrequent and special occasions. 

While the Grant’s Family Reserve Blended whiskey is a great starter scotch, sometimes it’s nice to have something a little bit more sophisticated. That’s where the Grant’s 12 year old whiskey fits in. In between the Family Reserve and the 18 year old in both price and quality, this whiskey has great depth of flavour and is exceedingly smooth. The nose is spicy and reminds one of spiced fruit tarts or Christmas cake. The taste is sweet vanilla and cinnamon and the after taste smoke and honey.

This is one bottle that I’d recommend dads have on their top shelf. Late at night, when the little angels are snoring away in their beds, this is a perfect whiskey to pour a nip, sit quietly, sip and contemplate how quickly the little monkeys are growing up!

Dad Rating

For the top shelf!

Smooth & smokey. Well worth the little bit extra.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Planning a Christmas Family Holiday for 5 People?

If you are planning to have a Christmas Family holiday for 5 people, take a look at a hot new Australian holiday accomodation website called

Designed by and for mums and dads travelling with three children looking for self catering holiday accomodation for 5 people, has carefully selected holiday rental apartments 3 bedrooms and other 5 person holiday rentals in Australia, New Zealand and throughout the world.

Each of the family holiday rentals are reviewed and selected so you know they are perfect 5 person holiday rentals. For something special check out the Europe Self Catering Options for families of 5. We loved the look of the Loire Valley France Farmhouse for rent! New properties added all the time.

Dad Rating

Easy to use website with only relevant 5 person holiday rentals!

CurtisIf you've tried to find a holiday rental for a family of 5 in Australia, you know its a challenge. Give this family apartment holiday website a try.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Organic Wine for Dad

If your dad enjoys a glass (or two) of Australian Red Wine but also takes pride in considering the environment with his choices, an Australian Shiraz from Tamburlaine Winnery is worth a look. Based in Orange it was named as one of the top 10 winneries in NSW in 2010 and makes organic wines without compromise.

Tamburlaine is Australia's largest organic wine producer and they have a great range of certified organic wines that we're sure your dad would love for father's day and our pick is the Wine Lovers Shiraz 2008.

A James Halliday 5 star accredited winery with Organic / Biodynamic certification, the 2008 Wine Lovers Shiraz from Tamburlaine displays typical cool climate characters of spicy cloves, blackcurrants and peppery aromas, with a rich palate of blackberries, aniseed and subtle oak tannins.

Finishing long and smooth with great length it is a delightful Australian Shiraz.
Visit for stockists.

Dad Rating

Rich palate with flavours of ripe dark berries!

Enviromental option without compromising on taste.

If a Dad Likes Footy

Way back when your dad was a young man (or maybe even a boy) there was an Adidas TV ad which went "If A Boy Likes Footy, and A Boy Just Might!" - ask him if he remembers the tune.

If he does remember the tune, then even if he is not still playing the game, he will want to re-live some of the past glory with these great AFL books from Slattery Media Group.

KB - A Life in Football

A first-person account of Kevin Bartlett's career as a player coach, media identity and football guardian.
What was it like to play in five premiership teams in 14 years, coach a club that was flat broke and even have the laws of the game changed because of the way he played the game?

Why did he part the club amid tremendous acrimony and why did he not return for more than 15 years? And what was the story behind the lace up jumpers?  All of this and more is explained in this memoir.

The Golden Years- Stories from Hawthorn's Greatest Era

With 10 AFL premierships to its name, no club has been more successful than Hawthorn in the last 50 years. For the first time, more than 40 players, coaches and officials responsible for this fantastic era explain - in their own words - what has made Hawthorn such a great club.

Among those to be interviewed at length are John Kennedy snr, Leigh Matthews, Graham Arthur, David Parkin, Luke Hodge, Shane Crawford, Robert Dipierdomenico, John Platten, Peter Knights, Jason Dunstall and Peter Hudson.

Jock - the Story of Jock McHale, Collingwood's Greatest Coach

Collingwood has won over 15 premierships and Jock McHale was in charge for eight of them, including the four consecutive flags from 1927-1930, a feat no club has ever matched.  Author Glenn McFarlane examines the life and times of McHale, his impact on Collingwood and the game and what drove him during the 38 years he was in charge of the Magpies, a record for coaching tenure in football that is yet to be broken.

 The Grand Finals Volume 1 - 1897-1938

There is no greater prize in Australian team sport than the VFL/AFL premiership flag. Premiership players are forever recognised and their deeds of their teams long celebrated. This book, the first in a three-volume series, recounts in details the players, the officials, the matches and the other key events that shaped the premiership team every year. The Grand Finals themselves are also recounted in great detail while the key statistics for the premiership teams are also featured.

This book covers Grand Finals from the period 1897-1938 and is the first volume in a series to provide a complete view of every premiership team in every year of Australia's elite football competition.
Among the contributors are: Emma Quayle (The Age), Rohan Connolly (The Age), John Harms (The Footy Almanac), Paul Daffey (, Jim Main, Glenn McFarlane(Herald Sun), Michael Lovett (AFL Record) and Robert Pascoe.

These great AFL books are available online and in selected book stores.

Dad Rating

For the diehard Aussie Rules fan!

Re-live the great AFL moments.